Why AwardsPro

AwardsPro is a full circle platform to manage and streamline the entry and judging process for any Awards event.

Tired of juggling multiple spreadsheets? Worried about the possibilities of manual error in manipulating data? Confused by exhaustive copying & pasting? All those niggles are consigned to history with the seamless, user-friendly AwardsPro system.

Created and road-tested by those who know best what an easy-to-use, reliable and robust platform looks and feels like, AwardsPro is a off-the-shelf solution to your awards management needs.

So, for a peace-of-mind solution that doesn’t cost the earth then get in touch and we can give you a more in-depth tour of its capabilities.

Judge's view of categories & entries

Main Features

The entry process…

  • No need for users to create logins and passwords
  • Save for later feature allows entrants to stop and start
  • Seamless access to multiple entries across multiple categories
  • Ability to “see it as the judges will” for peace of mind

The judging process…

  • Simple to use with an intuitive process flow
  • The submissions are clearly presented for ease of scoring
  • Easy to track what has been judged and what hasn’t
  • Option to leave comments on each entry
  • Can be used on multiple devices

End-to-end Management process…

  • Real-time reporting on completed entries and saved submissions
  • Full control over creation of categories, entry criteria and branding
  • Easy to assign judges to particular categories
  • Simple to export scores to help determine shortlist & winners
  • Technical support on tap for when you need it

Customer Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it – see what fellow Awards producers who have used AwardsPro have said about it:

“The AwardsPro system was easy to use for ourselves, the entrants, and particularly the judges who submitted their scores in record time this year. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to save time and present a professional front for their Awards.”
Simon Burton, co-founder, Football Business Awards

AwardsPro makes it feel like you have another team member – it is totally reliable and the support provided by the technical team is always super responsive and friendly.”
Sarah Scott, Awards Manager, AEO Excellence Awards

Clear and clean entry forms

About AwardsPro

Designed and built in partnership between GCN Events (organisers of amongst others the Awards Awards and the Conference Awards) and Intuitive Design, AwardsPro had been test-driven across an extensive suite of major UK and international awards. The feedback from our live bank of users is put to good to use to continually evolve and improve the system to everyone’s advantage.

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